What Makes You Happy?

We got a glimpse of corporate life again. Hours on end sitting on a chair, behind a screen, typing away. Making lists, having meetings to check off lists and create new ones. No time for coffee and hardly time for lunch.

Yep, we remember those days. For the past couple of weeks we have been back in that life. However, not in a cubicle. Our office is a guesthouse without guests apart from us. Our desk is a table made of slabs of mango wood, hand-made by the owner of the guesthouse. Our view is a crystalline river running among sparkling-white sandy dunes with women sitting in the water all day long scrubbing their laundry with copious amounts of detergent and slapping it clean on trunks that have been put in the river for this purpose.

Kids play around the women with boys occupying one of those wooden trunks from which they jump into the water, practicing a loop. Horses and cows stroll on the river beach and stop to drink the water. There is a dog that goes into the water every once in a while, sits down and, half submerged, quietly looks around until it has cooled down enough.

Such is the environment of our office. Whatever the surroundings, we work. Daily, 12-16 hours on end. We have a goal: getting LandCruising Adventure in the air. We are passionate about it, full of ideas and energy, and are pushing ourselves.

This morning it reminded me of something important. For years I lived such a corporate life. Long hours, hard work. I didn’t mind. I had fun. I enjoyed what I was doing, just like I am doing now. In order to enjoy life you don’t need a beach, a clean river and fresh mangoes that drop from the tree right next to you throughout the day (or the coconuts and cashew fruits). To enjoy life, you need to do what you enjoy doing. That’s all that matters.

For some that is sunbathing on a beach; for others it is passionately working on a project for long hours. Some people think we live the ultimate life, away from the rat race, as if that is a guarantee for a perfect life.

Let me tell you: it is not.

Life is what you make it. Whether that is working in a cubicle or traveling in a car. It is about making choices about what is really important for you. What makes you happy? There are lots of options between traveling in that car and working in that cubicle.

As the year is coming to an end, many of us will soon start making New Year resolutions: What will we do differently next year? What are our goals? What addictions will we work on to get rid off? What will we do to be nicer to ourselves and/or other people?

Ask yourselves: What is the purpose of those goals? To fit some standard set by the society you live in? Or because it’s something you really want to do, because it fulfills you, makes you happy?

Life isn’t about what you do.
Life isn’t about what you look like.
Life is about feeling good when you are doing whatever you are doing. About what makes you happy, makes you grow.

A happy life isn’t somewhere far away from where you are. It is where you are right now. Just grab it.

We love those river beaches, we love traveling, we love getting to know other people’s lives. Right now we love working on our new Landcruising Adventure website. Every day we choose what we want to do and follow up on choices that make us happy.

So, for now, we develop new ideas and type or program away. I get another pillow to sit on because, boy, does my butt hurt! We have another meeting and check off more lists.

We’re having fun.

And now it is time for a cup of coffee.

All photos by Coen Wubbels. Follow him on Instagram here and here.

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