5 Places to Connect with Wildlife in South America

Wildlife in South America: Birds of Prey in Parque dos Falcões in Brazil (©photocoen)One of South America’s great features is its wildlife. Not only can you see animals often and at many different locations, at some places you can touch them, caress them, connect with them. Here are some of my favorite places to connect with wildlife in South America: Continue reading

Getting Rid of Stuff

Got to start somewhere – sorting session in Suriname

“Just throw it away,” I instruct Coen whenever he returns with yet another gadget he received at a workshop.
“No, I’m sure I can make somebody happy with it,” he will answer.

So, there you have it, the two solutions: Throw it away, or Give it away.
If it were so simple, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. Continue reading

The Difference Between Slow Travel And Traveling Slowly

At 10-15 kms/hour the Land Cruiser crawls through potholes, jolts over bumps and carefully drives onto wooden constructions called bridges. Hour after hour, day after day we drive at a turtle’s pace. This is the main highway between Manaus and Porto Velho, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon: the infamous, 800 km-long BR319 of which we’ve heard nothing but horror stories. Continue reading

Skip the List and Enjoy

Vendor at Praia da Lua, a popular beach near Manaus.

We arrived in Manaus with a list of places I wanted to visit, but Providence ruled differently. In the past I might have had a fit. I had made a list, damn it, and we were going to stick to it. We had to visit these places. After all, wasn’t that what Manaus was about? The rubber boom, historic buildings, the Amazon Theater, parks with wildlife among which an endemic monkey, the Meeting of the Waters, the surrounding Amazon rainforest and indigenous villages? Continue reading