The Carian Trail – Stormy Weather in Southwest Turkey

Hiking and the Obsession with Weather; When hiking the Carian Trail doesn’t start the way we’d like to.

There is no denying: any outdoor event or activity can be made or broken by the weather. Ambivalent as I am about technological gadgets, I’m not sure that weather apps are a good development. Do they prevent you from setting out and getting soaked (or into a potentially life-threatening situation), or do they keep you put unnecessarily? Continue reading

Living in Fear – It Is Not Normal!

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”~Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Aren’t you afraid to get robbed?” is a question we receive on a regular basis.

“No, we’re not. And if it happens, so be it,” we generally answer pragmatically.

We use common sense deciding where and when we travel, and especially where we (rough) camp. Those are our measures when it comes to safety. Oh, and yes, we do lock the car doors. Continue reading

Letting go of Control

Got some cleaning to do…

Yesterday I came across a post by Leo Babauta, the Illusion of Control, an article that describes exactly what has been happening in my life these days: Going from the illusion of control to letting go of control. Interesting detail: it turns out to be surprisingly simple.

A fish swims in a chaotic sea that it cannot possibly control — much as we all do. The fish, unlike us, is under no illusion that it controls the sea, or other fish in the sea. The fish doesn’t even try to control where it ends up — it just swims, either going with the flow or dealing with the flow as it comes. It eats, and hides, and mates, but does not try to control a thing.

We are no better than that fish, yet our thinking creates the need for an illusion.

~Leo Babauta

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