An Act of Kindness (Day 7): Serving an Egg!

The owner asks what I’d like to have. I can choose between costilla frita and milanesa. I ask if I can have the milanesa without the milanesa, if she understands what I mean.

An Act of Kindness by a Stranger

So often we encounter kindness, and so often from people we don’t know. For the next 30 days I will share these acts of kindness by a stranger with you. For me to become more mindful, and (possibly) for you …

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Slow Travel in Ecuador – 3 Days – 3 Sites

From the Peru-Ecuador border of Huaquillas to Guayaquil it is a couple of hours’ drive; I reckon the distance is some 250 kilometers. I had checked my guidebooks and it seemed that the first part of our travels in Ecuador …

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Hiking the Datça Peninsula 2 (Carian Trail, Turkey)

Slow Hiking on the Datça Peninsula, Turkey

With only another 120 kilometers, the days suddenly pass very, very quickly. The western section of the Datça Peninsula is one of the remotest sections of the 850-kilometer-long Carian Trail. Few villages, mostly footpaths meandering through forests and traversing headlands …

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Home Wordsmith

Enjoy what is now rather than tomorrow. Listen, connect, share. Appreciate the little things. Cherish kindness of strangers. Stay and be still. Travel with intensity. Go slow and experience the best that travel has to offer. Welcome to Notes on …

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